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Bett's family - Galway Ministries

In January 2013 we were a typical American family- Mom, Dad, 3 kids and a dog. We served in the same church for over 10 years and loved Jesus. Gary's career teaching Taekwondo was going well and we had just had our 3rd child. We had never considered being missionaries - life was comfortable and we were content.

Then the Lord called us out of our comfortable life, asking us to take many steps of faith - which continue today. The latest step of faith is the Lord confirming His calling on our family to move to Galway, Ireland as full time missionaries.

The mission? Relationships. The Lord has gifted both Carli and Gary to come alongside people, especially hurting people, and show that they are loved. This is exactly how ministry is done in Ireland- the Lord knows what He is doing! Programs and events aren't typically effective until relationships have been built.

We will be coming alongside the McCurnin family and New Hope Calvary Chapel focusing on Family Ministry - Men’s ministry, children’s ministry, counseling and discipleship. We also will be doing Open Air Campaigners to take advantage of the culture of Galway - street performers are a normal part of life- so taking a sketch board to share the Gospel is very effective in starting conversations. In time, we also plan to start a home Bible study and we will see where the Lord takes us from there!

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