Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer!

Greetings Church,

Thank you for praying! The Lord gave us a great home to rent in Galway City. Were about 1 block away from Eyre Square (the city center). We give thanks to the Lord in finding us a place in the city. Anything and everything is pretty much walking distance, so all the McCurnin's leg's are getting in shape 🙂 We moved in last week and are starting to settle in. The Walshe family were amazing hosts in Ballinasloe and we are so thankful we had that time together when we first arrived. We miss waking up on the farm, enjoying some good tea and fellowship. Thank you Walshe's!

My wife, the girls, and our little man are well. Their health is improving but Kellen is still quite congested. Other than that the girls, including my beautiful wife, say they love Galway city. Rebecca has met a few other pastors wives and some moms in the community. We are grateful for that. Our daughters have enjoyed watching the snow/hale fall, walking downtown and seeing all the different people groups and musicians on the streets. They have enjoyed visiting churches and meeting new friends, playing on ice together, and meeting people from all over the world.

It's been a new experience for all of us taking the bus around town, learning the country's systems and trying to understand new vocabulary like "garage". They pronounce garage sounding like carriage and pronounce the number 3 sounding like tree. It's been so fun to learn!  Here in Ireland, having proof of address, utility bills, bank account are some of the things you need and are nesscesary to apply for a visa. It's a weird feeling to be renting a home, having a bank account, and paying for utilities when i don't even have permission to live in this country yet. I know and believe the Lord has given us permission to live here and continue to trust Him for all these things.  At the moment, were working on our Irish health insurance and then hope to apply for our visa this week or next, and when we have our approved visas we hope to purchase a car.

Lastly, the Lord has put in our path a few young Christian men. Being in the city our home is near 2 colleges that are within walking distance. I was introduced to a 18 year old Irish Lad (new believer) from Pastor Steve Boal in Lahinch who has a hunger for God's Word and wants to be part of a mid week bible study while he is attending school here. He and I are going to start a tuesday night bible study next week. We hope to invite more lads if the Lord allows. There are two other men I have met and spoken with that have a heart to begin a work in Galway. Praise God for the Lord working and putting things together!

Praise Reports:

1). Providing a home. Your welcome to send us letters anytime.

2). Healing our family from sickness.

3). bringing me together with a few men who have a heart to study God's word.

Prayer for:

1). The bible study on Tuesday night this week.

2). more individuals to invite to our home to teach them God's Word.

3). a 3 year Visa

4). the Lord to pick out a car for us to purchase.

5). Sleep. the enemy is having a hay day keeping us up at night. our kids are waking in fits multiple times or just not able to sleep.

"Then Paul dwelt two whole years in his own rented house, and received all who came to him, preaching the Kingdom of God and teaching the things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ with all confidence, no one forbidding him. Act 28: 30-31

Talk soon, all the best (as the Irish say)

McCurnin family

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