Coffee & Tea Ministry

Coffee and Tea Ministry

Dear Church family,

I wanted to share a few praise reports!

Since the beginning of April we have committed to set up a free tea and coffee table in Eyre Square as a way to connect with folks on the streets and to share the gospel with them. The Lord has brought me a man named Bernard. He is a new christian and desires to know more of Gods word. He attends our discipleship group and helps us minister in Eyre Square.  Not only is God changing Benards life but has given him a passion for evangelism and a heart for lost people.
Our family is settling in well. We were invited to our first birthday party last week. 🙂 Super fun!  Annella's new friend from school invited us to her party. The host family, originally from Pakistan, made us all feel very welcomed. She even gave each of us a gift and invited us to join them again. It was great to meet them and were thankful God has put them in our lives.

Prayer request:
1). Please pray for Benard that he would continue to grow in truth and to keep his eyes on Jesus
2). Please pray for the students and individuals listed below that we have shared the gospel too:
Pray they all give there lives to Jesus and follow HIM.

High school kids:
Jimmy, Frank, Emmit, Megan, Jordan, Alexandria, Michael, Daniel, and C.J.

Homeless folk:
Chris, melissa, annette, James, John.

Young man from France named Guilhem. He has been asking many questions and seeking for truth. He is reading the Quran but he is also reading the New Testament i gave him.

Please pray for our Muslim and Hindu families to come to faith in Christ
Pray for the family next door. Mom is from Germany and Dad is from Lithuania. They are not believers.

Thanks a million

McCurnin family

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